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Safe reliable door-to-door pet transport ground services. It's not just a car ride, it's a scrapbook worthy adventure! Your family's pet will have the time of it's life!

direct door to door service

pet ground transport service

Transporting your pet safely and comfortably to its destination is our top priority. Pets travel in size-appropriate crates in their own private, smoke-free, climate-controlled vehicles. Your dog or cat will receive 24-hour care from when they are picked up to when they are delivered back to their family.  Our pet transport by ground services will absolutely be your go-to pet transport company! 

Please note the USDA mandates pets traveling in crates must have adequate room to sit, turn around, and lay down in their natural position.

Stress Free Pet Transport

safely delivering your pet home

There are many reasons to select ground transport for your pet.

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dog ground transportation

adventure awaits!

Unlike flying in cargo, your dog will have many opportunities to be out of the crate during the transport. Numerous precautions are utilized to keep your dog safe while out of the crate. Please note that your dog will travel comfortably inside the crate while the vehicle is in motion.

loading up for the trip

  • A leash will be attached to your dog before exiting the crate.
  • Your dog will be walked every 3-4 hours utilizing a double leash method; one leash is attached to the collar or harness, and a second is a slip lead around the neck. This extra precaution is taken in case the dog slips from the collar or harness; a second leash is there as a backup.
  • Each day before travel, a Marco Polo RF Tracker will be attached to your dog’s collar or harness as an additional safety precaution in case of an emergency.

pit stops along the way

  • Puppies under 12 weeks of age will be walked on concrete only.
  • Your dog will be walked at safe rest areas and dog parks along the route in areas away from other dogs.
  • The Sterling Pooch limits the transport travel time to approximately 525 miles daily. At the end of each day, your dog can stretch its legs, relax, and decompress in a pet-friendly hotel where your dog can sleep in its own bed or in bed with the Transporter.
  • At least twice daily, you will receive wellness texts and pictures of your dog. 

postcards from the road

  • Photos of your dog will be taken at unique roadside attractions, national monuments, or with funny signs that are along the transportation route.
  • You will have unlimited cell phone access to the Transporter. All calls and texts are welcome. Please note that our Transporters do not text and drive. Updates and return text messages will be sent during the comfort stops.

comforts of home

  • Your dog will be fed and given any medications according to your instructions. Please send food your dog usually eats at home. New food added to the stress of transport will disrupt their digestive system, resulting in stomach distress. Bottled spring water will be always given and accessible.
  • To keep your dog as comfortable and as calm as possible, their crate, bedding, favorite blanket, and a favorite toy can be sent with them. A crate can be supplied if needed.
Ground Cat Transport

an ama-zen ride!

cat ground transportation

Your cat will enjoy a comfortable ride while relaxing in its crate. Some cats like to be vocal during car rides. Our transporters look forward to listening to everything your cat has to say, listening to soothing meow-sic, and having a stimulating conversation. (Yes, we do talk and sing to your pets!)
For safety reasons, cats remain crated during transport.

on the road

coming home

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