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Pet Transportation FAQ

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FAQ 24 Hour Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Pet Sit is defined as “look after a pet or pets while their owner is away, usually staying at the owner’s home in order to do so.” 

Pet Sitters perform a variety of tasks, including walking pets, feeding pets and refreshing water bowls, playing with pets, cleaning up pet waste, administer medications if needed, and give pets love and attention.  

For a professional Pet Sitter, pet sitting is their primary business- you and your pet are our business and as such our priority. Professional Pet Sitters have insurance and are bonded, have service contracts with their clients, will have training, experience, knowledge and skills required to care for your pet in any situation. 

Yes. I have cared for a blind, anxious and shy pets, pets with seizures, diabetes, and allergies. As a former Veterinary Technician, I have been trained in various methods of administering medications.   

Absolutely! Before the pet sit date, an initial meet and greet is required for all new clients. At this time, you can introduce me to your pets and if your pet allows, we can interact. This meet and greet is to ask one another questions. I will ask questions regarding your pet's schedule, behavior issues, medications, etc.

With over 10 years in animal care experience, I am knowledgeable at reading a pet's body language and the subtle cues they give. I have also increased my education in reading a pet's body language by taking a Canine Communications class as well as becoming Fear Free Pet Sitter certified with a focus on positive reinforcement. 

Our pet sitters are employees and not Independent Contractors. Each pet sitter is trained to give high level pet care, pet CPR & First Aid certified, and has undergone a background check.

pet transport by ground

Dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens only.

Parvo is a highly infectious virus that can live in the soil for several years in the proper conditions. Puppies that have not had the initial Parvo vaccination and received all boosters should not be allowed to walk on any public grassy areas, including dog parks, public parks, rest areas, etc.

The Sterling Pooch does not offer a flat rate for pet transportation. Each transport is unique and receives a custom quote.

Unless out for a walk or potty break, dogs will remain in their crates during transport. Cats will always stay in their crates during transport. Dogs and cats will be allowed out of their crates at a pet-friendly hotel when stopped for the night.

It’s true. Anyone can transport your pet. However, knowing professionals are transporting your pet gives peace of mind. Our Transporters are experienced animal handlers, certified in pet CPR and First Aid, and precautions are taken to keep your pet safe.

Pets that are comfortable in their crates travel best. If your pet is not crate trained, start by putting treats in their crate while leaving the door open. Progress to leaving your pet in the crate for short periods while you are out of the room. The intent is for your pet to feel safe in the crate to ensure comfortable transport.

Yes, if both the origin and destination locations are within the United States. If your pet is flying into the United States, our Transporter will gladly meet your pet upon arrival at the airport and transport to their new home.

Dog Ground Transport Service FAQ
Air Flight Pet Nanny FAQ

in cabin pet nanny

At this time, only dogs and cats are allowed to fly in the cabin.

The dimensions for a soft-sided carrier are 18 x 11 x 11 inches (length x width x height). Pets must weigh less than 18 lbs and be able to stand up and turn around comfortably inside the closed, zippered carrier.

No. Airlines will not accept pets that have been sedated or tranquilized.

The Sterling Pooch does not offer a flat rate for the Pet Nanny service. Depending on airfare and any additional services requested, each request is unique and receives a custom quote.

Your Pet Your Car Tranports Service

We drive all makes and models of cars, minivans, and SUV’s. The vehicle must be a 2018 model or newer, have an automatic transmission, be large enough to transport your pet comfortably, and be reliable to travel the distance needed.

The Transporter and your pet must be able to ride comfortably with their belongings. If space is available, other personal belongings can be sent as well.

The Sterling Pooch does not offer a flat rate for the Your Pet Your Car service. Each transport is unique and receives a custom quote.

If more than one pet is relocated, depending on the size of the additional pet(s), a second Transporter may be added.

Car Pet Transport FAQs
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